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Two Pair Gets Check Raised on Wet Board

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  • Two Pair Gets Check Raised on Wet Board

    On a board this wet is two pair just a bluff catcher?

    This felt dirty start to finish. 115 hands on villain playing as a 40/24. Notable stat is a flop check raise of 43% (3/7).

    Preflop - Standard

    Flop - Cbet large of there are tons of premium hands and draws in my range. Then we face the check raise. Cbet stat of 43% gives me the idea that's he doing this with draws or other non nut hands. I'm having trouble narrowing down a good range for this. Below is my best guess. We have 45% equity and need 33% to continue, so we call.

    Turn - Nothing changed but we don't like seeing a pot size bet. The blank card cuts down on villains equity with draws bringing us up to 50%, so again a call.

    River - Gross. Just gross. Any random K gets there. We need to be right 15% of the time so we throw in the crying call.

    In looking at my range on flop, perhaps I have less draws than I expected (second screenshot). With so many sets and straights available is two pair just a marginal made hand?

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    On the flop we have a huge range advantage and our specific hand can get called by many worse hands so we have a value driven initiative--I think we can bet our whole range large, planning to 3-bet sets and straights and some of our best draws when we get raised, and still be able to defend our calling range with a ton of pairs with draws that all have more than enough equity to continue.

    Turn is a brick , but I think the brick helps us, like we said our range is doing great on this board, and Villain has more bluffs (flush draws) that picked up nothing on this board. We can call again no problem.

    River we're stuck because of the sizing I don't see how we fold when Villain is definitely bluffing some portion of the time.

    I think you played it fine.