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Playing SB In Limped Pots

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  • Playing SB In Limped Pots

    I'm aware that we ideally want to be playing a three bet or fold strategy from the small blind when facing a raise. What is the preferred strategy when facing one or more limpers? This is big blind dependent, of course. I've generally followed JLs advice from his combatting limpers class - Raise premium and marginal hands, call with drawing hands, fold junk. I'll raise a little more liberally when I expect players to fold, fold a little more when I expect to get raised or called a decent amount. The challenge I'm finding is there are too many spots where I raise something marginal - KJo, ATo, etc - get called in one or more spots then end up playing an inflated pot out of position. I just opened up Mastering Small Stakes to see he advocates raising 99+, AJs+ and AQo plus from SB facing limpers. So perhaps my raise strategy is too loose.

    Below is a roughly how I play the SB facing say a CO limp with a relatively passive BB. Is the raising range here too loose, particularly with the inclusion of the marginal hands? 10nl six max cash if that helps. Thanks.

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    Interested to see others thought because I have literally no idea how to play these spots . I think I probably do something like below:


    • AJH914
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      Our ranges are close - clearly I'm playing more aggressively in this situation. Maybe that's a detriment to my game as I'm bloating the pot OOP. I just don't like limping and generally choose the aggressive move when I have a choice.

    • Dilly
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      There could be merit to that, if I'm being honest I probably play in game tighter than this, I find myself making a lot more mistakes against harder to define ranges OOP.