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    Two other calling stations with any hand and both were aggressive with any pair post flop. Im on button with A-Q clubs and 1-2 table raise to $15. Both big blind and Cutoff call. BB is $450 deep after calling two other second pair shoves and hitting two outers on river. Cut Off is $450 deep and bullies to make you fold. Im $550 deep and have them both covered. Flop comes AH-JC-3C. Both Check and I bet $30.00. BB Raises to $150.00, Cutoff shoves all in. BB snap calls. I call thinking Im ahead with tons of outs. BB flips over set of jacks, Cutoff flips set of 3s. No club comes and loss. Is there anyway I can justify folding this hand on a shove?

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    The check raise here almost always means two pair plus. It's a math problem after that. I think your events are out of order but I'll assume you have to call $420 in to a pot that will be $1350. You need 31% equity to continue. Against their specific hands (which is also worst case scenario) you have 33% equity. If we expand villain ranges to include two pair combos (AJs, AJo, A3s) you have 36% equity. If they spaz out and do this with anything wider than this you have an even bigger edge. So it's a call. You'll lose two thirds of the time so practice proper bankroll management.


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      No way you can fold.

      You have exactly 33% equity when you are literally against the two worst other hands possible (OK, except AA, which they probably play differently postflop). You have the odds even in worst case scenario.

      You can calculate the equity yourself:


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        If both Villain's always have 2P+ we have 35% Eq, easy call.

        If Both Villains have 2P+ and club draws, we have 44% Eq, easy call.

        If one Villain has 2P+ and the other has exactly KcTc blocking as many outs as possible, we have 29.43% Eq, almost a call.

        If one villain had has exactly AA and the other has exactly KcTC we have 24.5% Eq and can probably fold.

        Based on your reads no way we can fold. I would argue there's barely ever going to be a situation where you can fold this spot.


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          Thanks for the help. I ran the math after the hand and thought at 35% for call it was break even.