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Flopped Set And The Board Gets Worse And Worse

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  • Flopped Set And The Board Gets Worse And Worse

    Bad fold? This is $.02/$.05 so I feel like I'm not getting bluffed here a super high % of the time.

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    is this how u beat GG mtt ? I'm taking notes... maybe


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      CrazyEddie Reloaded - even though you troll pretty much everybody you crack me up.


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        I think there are a few mistakes in this hand.

        1. Not 4betting preflop. Why? Because you are deep? No one 5bets or shoves unless they have Aces, so you get away cheaply provided you can find a disciplined fold.

        2. Raise size on the flop is too small. I would go at least 4X OOP, plus wanting to get the money in as soon as possible. I don't care if he folds, I don't want to give random draws a good price.

        3. Bet size on the turn is too small. You are actually pricing him in with some of his draws such as AhJh and AhQh. On the turn, whether you make it 2,97 or full pot, you get called by more or less the same range. Especially with the 9 on the turn completing some of your potential bluffs, he is now even less likely to continue with hands like AK, KJ, KQ, J10 (unless Jh10h). But at least you get the price the draws more against a population that does not tend to fold draws, always convincing themselves they have implied odds.

        On the river, yes, I would say it's pretty easy fold. I don't think anyone is capable of bluffing 200BB on the river at these stakes. Not to mention it's extremely hard to find bluffs on this board. He would have to resort to some very unnatural bluffs, such as turning a pair into a bluff, say AK with the A of hearts. I just don't see this happening 33% of the time..


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          interesting, disagree with all 4