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5 Bet Shove KK When Deep?

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  • 5 Bet Shove KK When Deep?

    Hand is $1-3 live cash game 7 handed.

    UTG, a good TAG, raises to $15. I have 3 bet this player a couple of times. Once with A2s as a bluff, once with KK for value, and got folds both times.

    I look down at KcKh and make it $50 to go. Folds back to UTG who makes it $200.

    Both of us are 350bb deep, ~$1050 for both of us. I know KK is an easy shove when I have 200bb. I've never been in this particular situation before, KK vs another deep stack facing a 4bet.

    My normal play when I have a strong hand is to try and keep my opponent in as long as possible, just calling if my bets get raised. I tend not to shove my strongest hands, and I have begun to realize this is a mistake. In watching some of the PokerCoaching classes I'm seeing the pros shoving vs aggression when they are strong, even if their shove is more than 3x the pot. I recently started shoving over raises to my bets when I'm strong and I've picked up a lot of value doing it. So tonight, I shoved ~$1050 into a $250 pot. Opponent had me covered.

    Too much behind for the shove pre? Can/should we 5 bet fold if we think our opponent is competent? Can/should we just call and see if we can reassess opponent's strength post flop?

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    He is a solid TAG, so I would think he likely has AA, QQ, or AK if he 4-bets. He could have the case KK, but that is unlikely since you have KK. He may fold out QQ and AK to a 5-bet jam, so I would just flat call. I would call him down on any flop with no A or Q after the flop.

    By the way, did he fold to your 5-bet shove?