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Two Pair on Dry Board OOP Against Maniac

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  • Two Pair on Dry Board OOP Against Maniac

    In a 2/5 cash game, I was in the sb with K9s and about $600 in stack. A maniac opened for $15 from the cutoff, and a solid TAG flatted on the button. I flatted from the sb. I considered 3-betting, but the maniac was not normally folding to 3-bets. A fishy cally station in the bb often called, putting $60 in the pot with four to the flop.

    Flop K92 rainbow, giving me top two pair on a rather dry flop. It checked around to the maniac on the cutoff, who c-bet for $40. The button folded. I flat called, hoping for the maniac to continue to fire bluffs on the turn and river. Hardly any cards on the turn that would scare me. The maniac was making huge raises in the turn and river with middle or bottom pair. The bb folded, leaving us heads up with $140 in the pot. He had me covered.

    Turn 4, second of the same suit. I checked to him again, hoping he will fire another big bluff. Instead, he checked back.

    River offsuit T. Should I check or bet here? I did not see him having anything that would call a big bet from me if he checked back the turn, so I checked, hoping for him to make another huge bluff on the river. He checked back. I showed him my 2-pair and he mucked.

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    Why is a maniac checking the turn? If you know the answer to this it helps you narrow his range. Does he play draws aggressively? If yes then he's likely not drawing here. Does he check wet boards but jam once the scare card comes in? If yes his strategy may be to play ATC and wait for the scare card, then blow people off hands with big bets. Is he capable of slow playing AK? Does he raise with middle or bottom pair but will not raise with 55-88? Does he check down with marginal showdown value? When he isn't playing aggressively is he calling down light? Does he give up if he has nothing?

    On the whole I'd recommend betting on this river, perhaps $100 into $140. There aren't many hands he should call with here, but we still could get calls so I thinking taking the lead on the river is better than checking and hoping maniac does the work for us.


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      Did you give some $ to Jon little ? Tell him I sent you. You don't have good read. What u call maniac is just a better player.

      This is sure way to lose. You win small pots and lose big ones.


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        This is a clear preflop fold for me.

        You seem to be playing a "maniac" in almost every hand you post here.

        What is your definition of a maniac?


        • mriebel
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          Someone who makes bizarre raises with ATC.