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?? in position vs limp-caller on a soaking board

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  • ?? in position vs limp-caller on a soaking board

    If anyone is bored and willing to think this through with me, I think I need help figuring out what to do with my range in this situation.

    NL 1/2. Villian (stack=90b) limps in the LJ. Hero (stack=100bb) raises to 4.5BB in the HJ. Fold around to LJ, who calls. Heads up to the flop, pot=10.5BB.
    • Hero's range is straight out of the GTO charts: AA-22,AKo-ATo,KQo-KJo,QJo,AKs-A2s,KQs-K8s,QJs-Q9s,JTs-J9s,T9s-T8s,98s-97s,87s,76s,65s,54s
    • Villain's stats are VPIP=32, PFR=5, so IMO his range is the next 25% after excluding AA-TT, AK, AQ, probably AJ
    Flop: Qd, Tc, 9s
    • Villain checks
    • Which hands in Hero's range should:
      • Bet and call a raise?
      • Bet and fold to a raise?
      • Check
      • I'm having the most trouble here with hands like AA, KK, AQ, AJ, KQ, TJ
        • Particularly AQo. It seems to want to bet for value but is in trouble if raised. Should it check?

    Assume Hero bets 7BB and Villain calls.

    Turn: 8c
    • Villain checks
    What does hero do with his range?

    Assume Hero checks

    River: Ac
    • Villain bets 10BB into a pot of 24.5BB

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