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    This weekend I took my leap of faith and jumped up to 2c/5c online. I normally 4 table, so had 1 table of 2c/5c and 3 at 1c/2c.

    By the end of the weekend i had 2 and 2 and my big tables were making me money while the small tables were losing me money. Just couldn't buy a flop lol.

    Anyway, this hand in particular confused me no end.

    I'm in the SB withe 130BB and wake up with AKo. The Button (100BB) opens to standard 3x. I reraise to 9x. (I think I just hit the pot button...maybe I should have gone higher) I noted that at this table people were happy to 3bet or call 3bets with any two broadways.

    Flop comes Ah6cTc.

    I'm feeling pretty happy. I open to 1/2 pot and immediately this guy reraises me to 3x my bet. Not a pot sized bet, I bet 45c and he went to $1.25.

    I don't see this guy doing stone cold bluffs. He could have had pocket tens and crushed me. Could have had pocket Aces.

    Could he have done it with AQs? A draw? that felt like a stretch to me...pretty ballsy.

    I folded.

    Although new to these tables I felt like people really had it when they went after it.

    What do you think? Was I being nitty? I reran this hand through equilab and came up with a coin flip.

    Appreciate anyone's thoughts.

    PS this was on partypoker.


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    Hi, as I'm quite new to forum and overally play on similar stakes (NL5 / NL10) but also sometimes truggle w/ AK, I'll try to give you some info (but don't take it as granted, it might just be a bit better solution to your game ATM):

    1. Preflop - beeing on SB you should 3bet much higher (~4x bet amount of the original raiser + other amount of money in the pot).
    2. C-bet - I think you should consider C-betting much smaller than 1/2 pot or much higher... if you have a flush draw and no blocker i would consider betting Around 75-80% of the pot... If you have a flush draw blocker, i think a C-bet with 1/3 of a pot should be enough.
    3. Sometimes ppl. 3bet with draws or v weak hands as they don't belive you might have A. I don't think i feel like folding at this moment but it strongly depends on how the tendencies of this particular player looks like ...


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      I think your AK is good here. Sometimes he has a set of 10s and is crushing you, but he probably hopes the A is a scare card for you, thinking you'll fold to a raise to push you off KK/QQ/JJ. I would probably call here. Good chance he has AQ/ AJ and a flush or backdoor flush draw?


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        Preflop raise to at least 4X since we're OOP and we're pretty deep stacked, and you've noted they're calling stations against 3-bets so might as well build the pot with a premium holding.

        On the flop OOP on a somewhat connected board I think we lean towards 60%-70% on flop, we want to size up for our flush draws, and AX, TX, JJ, 99, maybe even 88 and 77 are going to call any size bet more or less.

        Against the flop raise all of the following are potential holdings
        • Sets (discount AA as it 4-bets some percent of the time.)
        • AT
        • Flush draws
        • Over-valued top pair.

        Without a read I think even at the micros there's enough ranges out there in the player pool I think we have to call at least the raise and asses on the turn.


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          Call the raise at the flop and then check to him at the turn...gotta think in terms of ranges when you are playing your opponent.

          Reraising 3x or 4x is irrelevant. If they are going to call alot they are calling 4x almost just as much as 3x. Either you can make it 15x though if you want. Be creative don't settle for these so called 'text book plays'

          On the turn let's say the opponents checks it back then you are almost certain he was semi bluffing at the flop fire any non club at the river. If he bets weakish like 40-60% of the pot then you can safely call here and then check call most rivers including clubs. If he bets 70-100%+ of the pot I would lean toward folding unless I had a specific read. But each and every situation is unique so I can't really tell you specifically...

          Only thing is that I disagree with folding at the flop because you were worried about one specific possible opponent's hand of TT.
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            Congrats on moving up in stakes, nice work

            If we follow the GTO 6-max charts on this site we should be 3betting 3.5x the RFI size when in position preflop and 4x the RFI size when out of position preflop. I stick to this 95% of the time and it gives me one less thing to think about so I can focus my attention on more important details.

            If you are correct in that he raised you "immediately" then this can be a timing tell online indicating a weaker hand. Imagine he had AT for example, the majority of opponents, good and bad, would at least spend a bit of time deciding on their action.

            Personally folding seems too nitty here. We're pretty much at the top of our range.

            We certainly don't want to raise ourselves following the cbet, otherwise if he does have any bluffs he'll fold them and we'll be in bad shape against a stronger range. I call the raise, and almost certainly call down on non-scary run outs.


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              Thanks for the input. I agree maybe it would have been better to call...certainly at these new higher stakes I'm seeing a lot of flop re raises with draws - alot more than at the previous stakes.
              Had some ok days, some bad days and a 'holy crap all my trips just got smashed' day, so I'm going back to 1c/2c to get bank roll back to where it was before having another go.


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                I play only 6-max. I checked in my database for this spot: : 3-bet preflop and flop C-bet gets raised.
                2$NL 9 hands out of 33K hands
                5$NL 21 hands out of 72K hands

                So... I wouldn't worry too much about that spot as it is pretty rare. However, since I had my database open, I checked the win rates
                2NL: 1211BB/100
                5NL: -2337.14 BB/100 (ouch )

                OK, probably the 5NL result is skewed a bit as I only moved back up a few months ago. Needed some time to adapt and called a bit light here and there and probably overfolded in some other spots.

                Let's not forget this is a 3bet pot. You have shown decent aggression (although the raise is too small) . If he/she raises your flop cbet, likely you are beat
                I checked the 5NL hands and where I know the final hand, I lost from flopped sets, one flopped flush and one flopped straight. I won 2 hands , one vs a flushdraw and one versus overplayed TP2K
                The other hands I ended up folding on turn or river. Probably folded too much sometimes but ok, did not review those hands

                Anyhow, at 5$NL (PokerStars) a flop-raise in a 3-bet pot seems to be mostly for value. So I don't mind you folding
                As always, I think it is key to see what your oppenent plays like.
                If he never folds to 3-bets, his range will be super wide. How many hands did you have on your opponent ? What was their VPIP/PFR/AF ? Did you see any weird playes ? Any notes ? How many 3 bets did you see him/her call ? (if 100% is 2 times that is irrelevant)

                If the player seems weak, I think you can call here as they will overplay weaker top pairs.
                However if your opponent seems a regular, I think you are better off folding. I don't think there are a lot of regs bluff-raising the flop in a 3-bet pots unless they have a strong combo draw
                Also with the raise, the player commited 34BB out of 100BB stack

                A strong draw here is Ax of clubs - you mentioned you had AKo but don't know if you had a flush blocker.
                I'm assuming you did not and gave you AdKs. On that flop you are flipping with AcXc. Take then the sets TT,66 into account as well and you are a 2 to 1 dog...
                ... although... in the micros you always have to account for the spazz
                Anyhow, I think you made a disciplined fold
                Congrats on your level - up