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deviation from gto play

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  • deviation from gto play
    So first of all gto plays the hand as a call.But the player who opens is playing 23/16 and folds to 3b 80(this is the important part).Also with a call the blinds can easily squeeze and go allin.
    Actually the solver says to split 50-50 call and fold so i am considerably away from the gto strategy,but it doesnt take into account the variables in the game.Obviously the perfect strategy is a mix of gto and exploitative play.For example the solver does not take into account that the opener folds to 3b more than he should and also that the blinds are shortstacked so they will be more likely to shove against a min-opener and a caller from late position.This hand hurt me alot losing it ,more than losing pre with AA haha
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