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c/r overpair on multiway pot

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  • c/r overpair on multiway pot

    I think we need to check here most of the time.When the button bets i think i am ahead of his value range and i would c/r him.When the bb reshoves this worries me a little but he is the smaller stack and i mostly care about the btn range which i think i am ahead

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    I don't like the idea of getting it all in with just a pair when 6 players see the flop.

    You do likely have the strongest range against any other individual range, but against them all combined you're probably going to be in poor shape.


    • mriebel
      mriebel commented
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      I was fine with it, unless either of the other two players who put money in the pot are nits. The SPR was less than 2:1 going to the flop.

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    How would you play in this situation?If i was deeper i would play more cautiously but i dont consider the btn range to be stronger than mine.The bb as played could be strong but there is much invested in the pot that i could potentially lose main pot from bb but witn the side pot from the btn


    • LondonImp
      LondonImp commented
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      Look, you're probably right and I'm just being overly cautious having been burned a few times in this spot.

      My point was that normally in a HU spot your range certainly would be stronger than the BTN, but because we are so multiway their betting range is far tighter than usual.

    • GusP
      GusP commented
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      It is a dicey spot for sure you not very happy to get it in but you have to.Also in the same category with JJ are QQ,KK,AA in this spot.The only difference is that QQ,KK,AA might be blockers to a kicker