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i deviated from gto strategy preflop

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  • i deviated from gto strategy preflop
    This is a call if you play gto strategy.I deviated from it.The question is this:if you make adjustments like this will winrate or roi be affected?Because when you deviate from gto you can be exploited.Also villain is good tight aggro
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    The important question here which you haven't explained is "why did you deviate?"

    Winrate and ROI will always be affected when we make an exploitative play. Whether or not it will be a positive change depends on whether or not we're making the correct exploitative adjustment.


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      You re right i did not explain because i had no particular reason actually.I have come to a conclusion that in mtts where you are constantly facing different opponents you cant and should not always follow the gto strategy.What i mean is that in mtts there is room for creative play when it is the right time.In contrast the cash games i think should be played a lot more gto and most good regs above 1/2 are playing like robots.This doesnt happen lets say in a 55 or 82 or even 109 dollar mtt where you see all kinds of plays.I dont know about higher limits above 1k how the regs there approach the game


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        If you do not have a reason for doing something, you should not do it.

        Your reason could be as simple as "I know nothing about this guy, but the population tends to do x so I need to do y..." but we still must have a reason.

        I do tend to lean away from making exploits based on population tendancies (although judging by my results so far this year this may not be a great idea haha) but am always ready to go for the big adjustments once I do identify a leak in an opponent.

        The risk is that if we try to make an adjustment based on an incorrect assuption, then our opponent will be minimally-exploiting us simply by playing closer to GTO.

        It may appear like the best players at higher stakes cash games are playing almost a robotic style, but it's probably more likely to be that they're playing a robotic style against each other, but preying on the weaker players with exploitative plays.


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          Warning: Do not listen to me because I barely know what I am doing. I just like to discuss. However, I would have folded here. KJ is a hand that is very easy to be dominated against a 3bet. So, varying from GTO when you are likely doing a -EV play is a bad idea. Deviating when it will be plus EV, because, for example, we are 25 hands in and both of the other guys have raised and re-raised every hand so far, might work.


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            No need for the disclaimer mate, we're all here to try to learn and get better.

            In this hand it was actually the hero who made the 3! all-in.

            Facing a 3! all in at these stack depths it's probably correct to call off with KJs and fold KJo. The extra equity we have with suited hands is important to take into account.