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turn donkbet allin from villain

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  • turn donkbet allin from villain
    How do you find this play?Whta would you do different?

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    The issue I have with the call here is that the Qs is a terrible card for us to have as it blocks both his straight draw bluffs and his flush draw bluffs.

    Essentially we're calling off with a bluff-catcher whilst blocking the most obvious bluffs.

    When you're converting hands using cardschat it would probably be better to tick the box that hides the result.


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      Warning: Do not listen to me because I barely know what I am doing. I just like to discuss. However, when the Jack comes and he goes all-in I definitely fold, unless all my previous history with this guy was that he was a maniac. Would most players go all-in there with, like, T9? Flush draws have a lot of equity, and besides that what value hands are you beating?


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        Yeah this is more a bluffcatcher on turn but it is close.I think most of the times i would fold here but we should not always fold here.If we always fold we become over-exploited.So depending on opponent a few times it can be a call but generally fold against the average opponent because we also block his bluffs