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Barrel Bluffing from Small Blind Against Button

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  • Barrel Bluffing from Small Blind Against Button

    In another hand in the $1,100 event yesterday, I tried bluffing a button open from the SB. He min-raised, and I held As9c on the SB. He seemed like a solid player, properly accounting for position. I 3-bet to 7.5bb since I block a significant part of his continuing range with my ace. He had about 85bb in stack and I had him covered with about 110bb. The BB folded. The initial raiser called. Pot 17bb.

    Flop 6s3c2h. I bet 8.8bb and Villain promptly called. Pot 34.6bb. I could he likely had some middle pocket pairs (44-TT) and suited connectors 76s and 65s in his range, and possibly some ace highs (AQ, AJ, and maybe AT).

    Turn Qd. Check-check. I planned to fold if he bet big and checkraise bluff if he bet small. When he checked back, I felt he more than likely had a middle pair, either a 6 or a pocket pair.

    River Kh. I bet 15bb to try to rep AK. He debated then ultimately called with 8h6h.

    Would my bluff have been more likely to succeed if I bet the turn as well? Or should I have gone bigger (maybe 20-25bb) on the river?

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    That would be perfect hand for 3barrell bluff.When you check the turn you give up on most rivers except only when the K hits that you have to bet it very big i think.I would bet river 25-30bb if turn goes check check


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      Credit to the villain where due - that was a good call.

      I wonder if in the risk vs reward the bet just didn't tip the balance quite enough. If he calls and loses he's down to just over 50bb, if he wins he's up to around 110. A bigger bet might have made him worry about his stack getting to around 40bb, especially with another increase in the blinds presumably not too far away.

      That said, the king was a great card and had he reluctantly folded not sure the hand would get a huge degree more thought? You put him in a tough spot.


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        I think it was a mistake to cbet the flop at all with this hand.

        You have no range advantage (running the ranges through flopzilla I get hero 49.8% and villain 50.2%), we are OOP, and we have weaker hands with less showdown value that we should be using as our bluffs first. The hands I would be looking to bluff with are hands with backdoor straights/flushes which we can continue to barrel when they pick up equity.

        This to me indicates you are likely bluffing at too high a frequency. If your opponent is good and has picked up on this it might be a reason he found a tough call.

        We have an overpair or better ~20% of the time, but that means 80% of the time we have no made hand here so need to bluff very infrequently too.


        • mriebel
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          What ranges did you run?

        • LondonImp
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          I based it on the MTT GTO charts from PC