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Shove Low Flush on Turn in Multi-way Pot After Flop Checked Around

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  • Shove Low Flush on Turn in Multi-way Pot After Flop Checked Around

    About 3.5 hours into the $1,100 event, I had 74.5bb in stack (above the starting stack of 50bb for that level) and held 5d4d on the CO, facing a min-raise from a solid aggressive player on the HJ. I called with my suited connector. The BTN 3-bet to 7.6bb. He was often 3-betting random hands and then shutting down if they missed the flop. Blinds folded. HJ called. Pot and implied odds for suited connectors go up multi-way, so I called. I may have folded if the HJ folded. Pot 25.4bb.

    Flop Qs9d7d, giving me a flush draw. Checked around.

    Turn Jd, giving me the flush. HJ, who had me way covered, bet 7.1bb. I shoved for 66.9bb, to charge draws to higher flushes and possibly get a call from a top-pair or 2-pair hand that senses me chasing the flush. CO folded. HJ called with QcQd, so I was ahead but he had lots of outs to make a higher flush or boat. A 9 came on the river to boat him and bust me.

    Would it have been better to fold preflop to the 3-bet to stay out of this? Or should I have gone smaller on the turn, planning to jam river if the board does not pair and a fourth diamond does not hit, or potentially just flatted?

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    More often than not i would call preflop here if btn is lag(that is the bottom of calling range for me here).I would usually just call the turn because i am in position.Sometimes i would mix a raise here but smaller to setup a nice shove on river