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Fold Second Nut Flush on Four-Flush Board

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  • Fold Second Nut Flush on Four-Flush Board

    Today, I played in an $1,100 Live Stacks monthly event. In the first hand, with 400bb effective stacks, I opened JhTd from the CO for 4bb. The BTN, SB, and BB all called, putting 16bb in the pot. The BB was a solid LAG based on prior tournaments I played with him. No credible reads on the BTN or SB.

    Flop AhQh2h, giving me gutshot and flush draws. SB and BB checked. I bet 13bb to try to fold out Q* and middle pocket pair hands. BTN folded. SB called. BB called. Pot 42bb.

    Turn Ks, giving me the straight. SB checked. I bet 20bb. He called. Pot 82bb.

    River 6h, giving me the second nut flush. SB checked. I bet 50bb, hoping to get crying calls from lower flushes and maybe some 2-pair type hands. He raised to 200bb. It seemed very plausible that he would take this line with Kh, and I did not think he would overvalue Th here or know what he would bluff with, so I folded. He showed me Kh.

    Is it fine to fold to a typical player in a $1,100 live tournament in this spot, or do they bluff too frequently to justify this fold? I also wonder if it would have been better to check back the river.

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    I would definitely play as you did.I think your river value bet is correct and also you should definitely fold to the c/raise if player is unknown and you dont know his bluffing frequencies.The only thing that i would do differently is that i would bet the river a smaller amount like 25-35bb to force worse hands to call more often
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      Why not check the turn? SB check screams flush draw, would it be worse than Jh? SB likely to river bet small after your check and you call. If SB bets large then fold to represented better flush.


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        He likely also had some Ace-x hands in his range from which I could get value after the fourth heart did not hit on the turn.