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villain barrels big all streets oop after call pre

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  • villain barrels big all streets oop after call pre
    I find my play standard on flop.On the turn i decided to call and fold river to any spade or a card that completes straights.Basically i thought i would only call to a T and non spade A and 2,3,4,5 non spade

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    Hmm... Not sure about the turn call and logic.

    You're calling off 1/3 of your stack to then fold to a shove 70% of the time on the river. And I think it's fairly safe to assume the villain will be firing the 3rd barrel far more frequently than not. And we're definitely marginal here anyway. This probably falls into the bluff-catcher range considering the villain's polarising line.


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      Yes it is definitely a bluffcatcher.Now that i studied the hand better i dont think it is proftable to call turn because his bets show much value against my utg1 range


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        A donk lead is often a draw or a marginal hand. Since none of those improved on the turn or river, I like your decision to call him down. By the way, a K, 9, or 8 would not have completed straights either.