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Was this a good fold?

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  • Was this a good fold?

    UTG: 7,478 (74 bb)
    UTG+1: 4,194 (42 bb)
    LJ: 18,000(180 bb)
    HJ: 3,000 (30 bb)
    CO : 7,833 (78 bb)
    BU (Hero): 5079 (50 bb)
    SB (Villain): 7,609 (76 bb)
    BB: 603 (6 bb)

    Blinds: 50/100

    Pre-Flop: Hero is BU with A♠T♠
    All the players fold to Button(Hero), I raise to 250, SB call, BB folds, 2 players see the flop

    Flop: 5♣10♦J♣ Pot is 720
    SB checks, I bet 400, SB raises to 990, I call his check raise (590)
    *I think that my continuation bet was good, I'm not sure about the size.

    Turn: Q♠ Pot is 2,700
    SB bets 1,050, I fold

    I was constantly thinking about his check-raise, given that he had a wide range, and could easily hit a set, or?

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    I don't think we should be cbetting this flop. We've got a marginal hand which we can check behind, and then call at least 1 bet from the opponent on the turn/river. Once a lot of money starts going in 2nd pair is very rarely any good.

    The fold is good. The flop is probably a spot where the population doesn't check-raise enough so we can assume he's value heavy.

    What do you mean by "given that he had a wide range"? I'd say the check-raise is indicative of the opposite.


    • Rivonen
      Rivonen commented
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      Thanks for the answer! I was thinking that he had a wide range because he called my raise from the SB(given that he was from the SB made my assumption that he has a wide range, or am I mistaken?) After the flop, his check raise, can we assume that he had a polarized range?

    • LondonImp
      LondonImp commented
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      The SB should be 3-betting with a polarised range consisting of his premium hands and then some draws. He should be calling with hands in the middle of his range. This is known as a condensed range.

      A condensed range would probably hit this board very well which is another reason we should check as the villain is likely to be check-raising more than usual which puts us in a tough spot. As you found out.

      In theory the villain should be using a polarised check-raising strategy, but at the micro/low stakes they are likely to be value heavy.

      It's also worth considering that if you have been cbetting at a high frequency then the villain could be attempting to check-raise you as an exploit.

      Never a simple answer eh?

    • mriebel
      mriebel commented
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      I would c-bet if the SB over calls aggression, and will call down with 99-66 or T with weaker kicker.

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    Small blind has called - not the big blind - so I’d say their range isnt *that* wide unless you’ve been abusing steals. Be different if it was BB.

    so, middle pair on a flop that is mediocre, i would not cbet unless i thought the opponent was a weak player who overfolds to aggression.
    Therefore check at the flop.

    given the action, … A c/r on the flop followed by a strong bet on the turn…unless I have a good specific read on the player being loose aggressive, I’d assume they have genuine strength. I’d certainly fold mid pair. Might be willingto call with top pair good kicker but not middle pair.
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    • Rivonen
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      Thanks for the answer! The main point here, I think, is to check mediocre hands on the flop and not cbet them, only if he overfolds to aggression.

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    I think that since there is no backdoor flush draw for hero,it is better to bet this flop to realise his equity and also for value.Calling the c/raise is standard and folding turn also standard.If any flop card was a spade then i would most probably check flop as LondonImp says


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      I would fold the turn unless the SB was known for bluffing flush draws that miss the turn. He also had a potential OESD with 98 that hit on the turn,


      • kingnu393
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        long dung imp is one idiot who never moved from micro stakes. He's small. He plays cards.
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