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$16.50 buy-in $30k gtd. Early stages Flopped royal Flush. Critique my line?

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  • $16.50 buy-in $30k gtd. Early stages Flopped royal Flush. Critique my line?

    120BB effective. Villain 2.5x open UTG+1. Folds to Hero on Btn with AhJh. Like the title suggests, flop is QhKhTh. Villian checks, Hero checks behind.

    Turn: 6s. Villain bets 5.4BB. Hero raises 20.5BB. Villian calls with only a few seconds pause. (Pot size ~49BB)

    River: Qs. Villain checks. Hero Shoves for 1.5x pot or slightly less. Villain insta-folds.

    Any better lines or did I probably get max value from his top pairs? Whats the worst you call the river jam as played if youre villain?
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    I would bet the flop. This is pretty much a lockdown board. He either has something to give action or he doesn't. This way you can start building the pot.


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      Also the bet size in my opinion should be very small to lure him in,like a minbet.


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        GusP I actually think we want to bet the flop large (polarize it). When we think about UTG1 range they are going to hit this flop really well. They have straights, sets, 2 pair combos, MM with redraws and some decent draws.

        The turn is a brick and you did bet large which is fine. I would probably call the xr but I'm not really sure what the best action for us is.

        The river is interesting too. Some players might check a full-house to give you a chance to bluff but I think most in that game will blast it.

        So thinking about our bluffs. Do we have a lot of bluffs or only a few bluffs? I don't think we will have that many(I could be wrong tho) so I would tend to go for a smaller bet maybe 26BB.

        That said I think a solver would split your range where your exact hand would have both a large over bet and smaller value bet so I doubt you made a mistake on the river.

        What other hands would you go all in with and what are your bluffs?
        That may be the most important way to think about this...


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          kkep Actually you are very right because i neglected the fact that he mentioned they play 120bb eff stacks(very deep),so utg+1 can check/call a lot of premium hands here for some pot control because the flop is so wet.Sorry for my quick response i didnt see they play deep so really bad answer to minbet
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