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final table and final 3.Is it shove from sb or limp?

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  • final table and final 3.Is it shove from sb or limp?

    So generally i would limp/call this one.But there are bounties in play so i think the opponent will be more willing to call shove wider here since he covers me.Also if i limp and he shoves i wont be too happy to call it off.Opinions on this one?

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    No. You are 28BBs deep. I would never open shove there.

    Also do you know the value of your bounty? What is the value of a starting stack. On the Final table when you chip stack is so large, unless you collected a whole crap ton of bounties, your bounty value is small and he should not be calling off too light.

    If the starting stack is 10k, you have 83 starting stacks and unless you collected about 100+ bounties, your bounty value is less than 1, which means he gets about a 2% - 3% equity drop with your bounty.

    This is the smallest the bounty value will be at any time during the tournament.
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      You miscalulated the bbs.I am 14bb deep.If i was 28bb deep it would be a disaster to shove this hand,I would limp/call raise probably