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I have trips on dry board on river and call overshove

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  • I have trips on dry board on river and call overshove

    Not much to comment here after opponent call with 33 on this flop lol.Anyway against a random at least competent opponent i think i am in good shape to call here as he can valuebet all the overpairs(obviously JJ got there but dont change much the strategy) and maybe some AsXs got there or KsXs

    99+,33,T8s+,97s+,87s,AsKs,AsQs,KsQs,AsJs,KsJs,QsJs ,AsTs,KsTs,QsTs,JsTs,As9s,Ks9s,Qs9s,Js9s,As8s,As7s ,As6s,As5s,As4s,As3s,As2s,ATo,KTo,QTo+ :this is the range i gave him that would play like that and against that range i have 72% equity
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    Be happy in the knowledge that your opponent is going to haemorrhage chips to you in the long run with flop calls like that.

    Not sure what your definition is of a dry board. On the river there are flushes, straights, and boats all available. Fairly wet to me haha.

    Do you think there is any merit check-raising this flop?


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      Yea techically it is wet sorry,what i meant is that practically i am not afraid of many draws that got there(basically some suited A4-AK of spades,K9,KJ,KQ spades and QJ-Q9 spades)Of all these i think very few would would bet big against 2 opponents after c/call flop.So this made me think that he is not drawing to something rather he is already strong and ready to stack off, but because i am on top of my range here i just call.

      I would check raise flop if the utg bet and hj called but not in this situation that the utg checks because i want to keep them both in the hand