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2nd and bottom 2 pair on flop but i have nut disadvantage

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  • 2nd and bottom 2 pair on flop but i have nut disadvantage
    First of all is it in your calling range in position pre?
    Secondly if we call pre,do we fold this flop?I gave the opponent AA,KK,QQ,AK,AxQx,AxKx(didnt include bluffs because he is tight) and i have 35% equity.Maybe call flop and see if the turn is good for my range and use positional advantage?I think it is tough decision

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    Preflop we can call for sure. We should be able to realise ~32% equity with KJs in position fairly confidently.

    If you calculate that you have 35% equity on the flop, how can you ever fold requiring just 17% based on the odds he sets you?

    I think it's probably wrong to discount all bluffs. Just how tight is this guy?

    Flat calling the flop seems best to me. If he has you beat the money is going in anyway, but you don't want to risk scaring him off when you're ahead. The SPR is only going to be ~1 on the turn so the money will be going in.


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      Yes it is better to flat flop and see the turn.And call any turn except a Q or a T or an A in my opinion