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Facing Pot Size Bets with Top Pair

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  • Facing Pot Size Bets with Top Pair

    Only 12 hands on villain, but 42/0/0 and a 'Call PF 2Bet' of 56%. FWIW, this last stat has been a very useful addition to my HUD as it paints a better picture than just the usual VPiP/PFR.

    Anyway, should I have folded this hand on the turn? Surely there's no argument for folding on the flop or is there?

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    Yeah, I just ran it in the Range Analyzer. Here are a few notes:

    1) Without antes, the BB range should be quite a bit tighter than the "GTO" MTT ranges we are given. So I tightened up the range to account for that.
    2) With this player being passive, you can definitely fold more than MDF.
    3) In my first pass T9s falls out of range using MDF alone. So I did not need to re-adjust the range to account for passivity.


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      There was an ante in play here mate. It is a small one however, only equivalent to 8% of the big blind.

      Click image for larger version

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      I am in agreement with you that we can discount MDF as an exploit against a passive player.

      Regarding your 3rd point, are you saying T9s should be a fold on the flop or turn?


      • jjpregler
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        Editing a comment
        Somehow I missed the ante in the replayer. So disregard my comments on T9s falling out of MDF. My range is way looser than what I put in the range analyzer with the ante.