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  • Wet Flop OOP

    UTG, a loose player who really likes any AX and Kx hand starts the hand with about 20bb. He opens to 3bb. BTN called. We are in the bb with 5s6s. I was planning to fold, but when the bottom called, I thought the price was too good. Was that a mistake?

    Flop (10.5bb): As6d4s

    UTG leads 3bb leaving 14bb behind. I jam. Should I treat this as a marginal hand and simply call?

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    When we factor in all the conditions i.e. OOP, SPR of 2, and a dynamic board, I don't think I want a calling range at all.

    Our best hands still benefit from protection whilst our draws still want as much fold equity as possible.

    Personally, I like the shove.