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40bb Stack w/ JJ

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  • 40bb Stack w/ JJ

    7 handed. An EP and MP limper. BTN opens for 4.5bb. BTN is a solid reg. Limpers are weak guys who limp all the time. We are in the sb with a 40bb stack looking at JJ. I 3-bet to 12bb. Is that a mistake? I danced back and forth between that and jamming. He called.

    Flop (28bb): K74 2 spades, we have no spade

    I said AA, KK, and AK all 4 bet jammed, so I rated he had a lot of mid pairs and Ax hands, so I jammed. Should I have done it differently?

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    I think it is a mistake. Your sizing is too small and gives him great odds to call in position.

    Also, you might want to rethink your opponents 4! jamming range. With AA or KK it would be a disaster if he 4! and you fold when it should be relatively simple to get stacks in with an SPR of 1 on the flop. I am definitely not 4! shoving those hands. This would therefore cap my 4! jamming range, so I might decide to flat your 3! with my entire continuing range.


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      Preflop: From OOP your raise should be larger. 14 or 15 at least. Possibly even a shove. Here is my thinking, you start at 40BBs, but with 2 limpers before it gets to Btn there is now 4.5 blinds in the pot, making the effective BB 1.8BBs, so it is almost like you are playing an effective BBs about 25 BBs deep.

      Flop: If you are betting JJ here you have to bet small. However, I don't bet range on this board OOP. I would check hands like JJ OOP.

      Also, with these stacks, I would not have a much of a 4 betting range either. I would trap with my biggest hands. Whenever you have a spot that would lead to a very small post flop SPR you do not have to rush to get all the money in now with your premium range.
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        In the moment, I was toying with the idea of a bigger 3bet, but if I 3bet to 15bb pre-flop that's more than a third of my stack. At that ratio of my stack does jamming become a thing?

        The small bet makes sense in hindsight trying to get calls from weaker pairs like 8s, 9s, 10s, etc. Any king is always calling regardless. And the check with similar logic makes sense too. The problem I had in the moment was about what's the plan after I bet small or check? I couldn't figure out what the plan was, so I just eliminated planning by jamming. I think there is a class on not doing this, but I did it. So, in simple terms: what's the plan after we lead small or check on this flop?


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          Read my explanation above about jamming preflop. I already answered.

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        BTW, I really appreciate you guys offering insights and advice. It's super helpful even as I feel like my growth has sort of slowed recently.


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          Originally posted by MisterSutton1 View Post
          At that ratio of my stack does jamming become a thing?
          Whenever our opponent's raise is >10% of our stack, or our re-raise would be >30% of our stack, all-in is very often the correct size to use.

          People try and get clever and trap with small raises, but in doing so give their opponents the correct odds to call with speculative hands knowing they have great implied odds to when they hit.

          On to your second question. The plan is to re-evaluate our entire range on the turn, as we should do on each and every street, and then act accordingly. If our hand is still marginal, then it should be played that way.