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Fold or call on draw heavy board? *bangs head in frustration*

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  • Fold or call on draw heavy board? *bangs head in frustration*

    Played this one, landed in this situation. Player was loose but bet sometimes. I was getting a sense of AK-AA-KK but I don't know if I can fold here with 16 BB. I was actually planning to checkraise but he went all in first. I don't have the hand history but I do have an image of the situation.

    Fold or call? Click image for larger version

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    If you're putting him on KK+ and AK then this should be a snap call because you're comfortably ahead.

    He has 16 combos of AK which are drawing thin against you.

    He has 12 combos of KK+ which are ahead, but you have a lot of outs against.


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      you cant fold 16bbs with TP and strong draw + you actually block the nuts right now.


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        Thank you both, I do appreciate the input. I did in fact call this one and lost to KK. I like having these forums available for feedback so I can keep working to improve.

        When I ran it through equilab against exactly what he had, it showed me at around 32%, which made me think I made a mistake. But against the range I put him on (AA,KhKc,AKs,AKo) it went to 65%, That suggested that I had made the correct decision by calling, but I sometimes do not know if I am "interpreting" equilab correctly. Is my thinking correct here?


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          I think both LondonImp and Turbulence covered it. You can't fold here. The SPR is too low. You not only block the nuts, you also block his sets of QQ. If his range is strictly KK+ and AK here, you have 8 clean outs: 8h8c8d8s, QsQc, KxKx.

          **We can't assume he has only KK, because if he's shoving KK he is also shoving AA which gives you roughly 38% Equity.
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