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Triple barrel with TPTK against a loose-passive fish

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  • Triple barrel with TPTK against a loose-passive fish

    In the past I think I would've pot-controlled on either the turn or river. Or maybe downsized my bets a bit to keep my opponent's range wider.

    This time though, I recognised that villain is a loose-passive fish, very typical of the iPoker network.

    Regardless of the actual results of this hand, I think I put myself in a very strong position to rake in a very juicy 140bb pot against a villain who is very likely to call down with worse.

    Is there any argument for betting even bigger here? Or have I actually gone a bit too big already and reduced the villain's range too much?

    Here is the hand:

    Any feedback would be appreciated as always.

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    I don't hate it. Given your read of him as a calling station-ish I think it's fine for value. I don't think I'd go much bigger.


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      Hey LondonImp I think you played this fine if you are exploiting your opponent. If you think that villain is the type of player that will call you down with worse like AJ, AT, KQ, etc, you could definitely go bigger since you are ignoring GTO and being balance and going for the max exploit vs. a player that will pay you off.

      I think if you're confident in your read, you should always just exploit. Whether or not you can go bigger solely depends on whether or not villain will call you with worse. If this player will just call down with AJ, or AT or something, then sure, go bigger. If you're not that confident, you might want to go a bit smaller. This is definitely a villain-dependent spot.

      Just curious, what are villains stats here or what gave you the impression that he's just a station fish? I am still working on labeling players and don't quite have my label system down 100% so interested to see what you look for to help you identify your opponents weak spots.
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        1) His stats were 19/6 which is a small hint towards loose-passivity.
        2) On a previous hand I'd seen him lead 1/2 pot multiway on the flop and the turn with just middle pair which was an indication that he may be overvalue hands as weak as pairs.
        3) This was also a low stakes tournament on a site full of call happy players (since lockdown a major UK pub poker chain has moved it's games onto this site).

        These are all small bits of information that combine to paint a bigger picture.

        In hindsight, I think this is probably a standard line I should be taking more anyway.

        The question should be, would I be right to have taken this line with AJo instead of AKo,


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          Ok we are definitely on the same page. Once I see a player make a play like the one you outlined in #2 I usually adjust my play vs. them as well. So I can get behind what you were trying to do. This then becomes a question of: How much will this player pay us? I mean if he's calling you down all 3 streets I'd venture to say he probably didn't have 2pair. So this was either a weak Ax or Qx. In which case, you could go bigger to whatever size you think his calling threshold is. He might even call if you jam river. -Actually, he might be the type of player to raise you with some sort of Ax on this board. Nicely done. What did he have? Qx or something?

          I think AJo is going to play the same as AKo here. If this guy is over-valuing middle pair, he's likely to 3bet you preflop with AJ+ so you really don't have much to worry about other than thinking about the highest amount you can bet and get paid.

          Against competent players, I would be reluctant to value bet 3 streets with AJo as you are likely going to run into a situation where you won't get called by worse. Against passive-calling-station, make the phones ring on him every street! (horrible analogy, sorry!)

          Speaking of which, have you heard any news on how the people are responding to the vaccine in the UK?
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            LondonImp I would have bet about 80% on the flop and check called turn unless he went nuts. If the turn went check check I would have bet about 60% on the river. They don't usually raise that size bet without the nuts so I'm going for value and folding if he sticks it back in my face.

            Also if he's passive he could very easily just call down with a *marginal flush*. I would also note that many weak players like to lead OOP to 'see where their at' but are happy to call down IP. I suppose if you expect him to raise at any point with a strong hand than barreling off is optimal. So like tight or loose passive I would be more cautious, TAG I would barrel off.