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So a GTO short stack question

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  • So a GTO short stack question

    So in the video "Mastering GTO Short-Stack Play > Playing In-Position vs. BB " at 20 minutes in Micheal Acevedo is talking about the AA combos with the Ace of spades being more of a fold on the river because your opponent can't have the Ace high flush . I don't understand why that makes it a fold and a bluff , he goes over it quickly and the reasoning goes over my head .
    Can someone who gets why you fold those Aces explain it ?
    I feel like the exact situation is complex enough that your better off referencing the video .

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    If the villain had an ace high flush draw on the flop, then they would've x/r with all their combos.

    So when they get to the river we don't actually block their value hands by holding the As.

    Instead, I would imagine that a large portion of their bluffing range would contain the As (knowing that they therefore are blocking some of our value range).

    So, by having the As in our hand we are only blocking the opponent's bluffs and not their value hands - hence the fold.