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  • DTO Thin Shove

    Been playing around with DTO and I’m wondering what you guys think about this spot.

    We open AQ on BTN, BB 3bets us. We call and then call two streets, then shove when he checks river.

    I would always just check and take my showdown value here. What am I missing?

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    I assume it's because we almost always have the best hand.

    If the villain has 9x, JT, or even a K you'd imagine they would've fired the river too.

    As the SPR is very low the villain is likely going to be forced to call with all his worse Qx hands.

    I've considered using DTO in the past but never got round to it. Is it worth the time?

    I'm still waiting for to go live so I can get my free month of that to give it a go.


    • RealJPB
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      Do we have an ETA on I'm so excited about it if it works as advertised and is priced even somewhat reasonably.

      I would say DTO is worth the price simply as a good tool for drill study. It's not a substitute for a solver.

    • LondonImp
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      Unfortunately the most recent info I have is from 7 months ago on D&BPoker where MA says there's still no ETA...

      I've had a play around with DTO a bit this afternoon (just the free version) and it's certainly very addictive.

      I'm not sure how good it would be to try and learn concepts, but as a warm-up tool before a session I would imagine it would be very useful.

    • RealJPB
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      Yeah exactly