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Nitted Up to Ladder on the Cash Bubble

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  • Nitted Up to Ladder on the Cash Bubble

    17th Level of "Deepstacked" MTT on GlobalPoker. Started with ~280 entries. We are 35/39, 36 cash, everyone below us has <3BB

    8 handed

    H JdJh S 21,027 P 3rd B 2,000/4,000
    2nd 8,600 we fold.

    I rationalized this with EPs strong range, us not having much fold equity, 5 10BB stacks and one 45BB stacks yet to act, initial raiser being 30BB deep. And even if I win I thought doubling up to 10BB wouldn't give me a strong chance at the final table ( I hate that assumption looking back, that's just foolish.) The obvious thing was I could almost definitely fold to the cash, and the cash bubble is the biggest pay jump until the final table.

    I now think a 10BB stack would be huge here, and even better if it goes three ways I think we're gonna have 33%+ and when we win 15BB could take us deep.

    Confirming I got soft and should be jamming here with my first in the air?

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    He knows you have JJ and you always fold no matter what


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      The only way to know for sure is to run it through an ICM calculator, unfortunately my subscription has expired so I cant do it for you. My gut feel is that this is actually a close spot, If this was a flat payout structure eg a Satellite tourney (which for all the very short stacks it kind of is) then this would almost definitely be a fold to a raise in front. However, had it folded to you it is a snap shove.