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$20 mtt hand

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  • $20 mtt hand

    I late reg a tourney and have 10k chips at 250/500/50. In the BB I have A10 of spades.
    Fold to the button (covers me, 20k chips) who minrsises to 1000. SB calls and I call.
    FLOP:10-8-5 one spade.
    We check and button bets 1000. SB folds, I consider jamming but elect to flat.
    TURN-7 of clubs, which puts two clubs on board. I check, Button bets 1600, I call.
    RIVER-Off-suit Queen. I check and now BB makes a pot-sized bet of 7200, enough to put me all in. Are you calling or folding? And are you raising/jamming at any point pre or post flop?

    i should clarify this was my first orbit so I have no reads
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    As played I fold here.

    Although I would never late reg to a tourney if I only get 20bbs. Why did you?


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      Usually I get home from work at 7-ish,and the only real tourney within my budget is a 10k chips that stars at 5, so if I want to play one that day that works best. Also, it’s 12 min levels so I can easily fold for an orbit or two and try and pick a spot. I double once and I’m right in it. I sometimes play sometimes just play cash.


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        This is 7 a.m lol so not a whole lot of options. There’s a $50 that stats at seven but my bankroll on ignition isn’t big enough to play that


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          I would be...

          a) Shoving pre-flop
          b) Check-shoving the flop
          c) Check-shoving the turn
          d) Slap myself round the face for not shoving at previous points


          • Richlizard
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            Not sure of the relevance.

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            Not sure of point d’s relevance either. Also, I did get max value. Results oriented sure...but if I had to smack myself every time I made a mistake my face wouldn’t like my hand very much

          • Richlizard
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            Sorry, it was a very flippant comment. But couldn't see why his actual hand was important to your own decision. Yes you got maximum value. All's well that ends well

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          Get it in on flop all day, twice on Sunday. I too rarely reg with less than 30BB. But that shouldn't stop you, some people do better this way.
          To succeed in that fashion you need to isolate often over shove on flop with any draw or top pair, balancing all monsters in the same fashion.


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            On the river this is a tough spot. I'd probably call as played. But normally I'd shove this preflop. If not pre then certainly on the flop. But that's kind of a tough decision to make in your first orbit, having no reads on these players. Sometimes (imo) it is better to wait out spots like this to get a feel for who you're up against.


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              I think you can play this hand a few ways. Shove pre and you increase your stack by roughly 33% when everyone folds.

              You can also defend here, with the intentions of GII on any favorable flop (ie, top pair, flush draw, straight draw.).

              You can also just jam the turn. Your SPR is low enough that villain could call you off with 8x or 7x. 99s, 66. Possibly two overs like JQ or something that has a gut-shot to go with the overs.

              He's more likely to call you on the flop opposed to the turn since he will have more equity with two cards to come. Plus, you should have some FE when you Jam, as your T is vulnerable to Js, Qs, and Ks. That's 12 cards!
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